TE720 Pro

End to Perfection

7 Lenses Panorama Camera

More Than 100 Million Effective Pixels
TE720 PRO has more than 100 million effective pixels. The 15000x7500's oversize frame not only has amazing performance on a large screen display, but also enables multiple magnification and viewing on the phone side.

Uncover Details with 8K Ultra-high Definition

7 ultra-wide angle lenses cover 360 °full field of vision. 7 groups of 2K HD video can be combined into 8K panoramic video. The amazing quality can even make it possible for you build a private sphere theater indoors to enjoy the beauty of immersion.

448G mass storage

The TE720 PRO can store more than 7,000 full-size panoramas or 8K/30fps full-size video raw footage that lasts longer than 180 minutes,

to avoid the embarrassment of insufficient capacity.

Highly efficient and easy to late stitching flow path

Support 52mm round photofilter

The body of the TE720 PRO has a 52mm circular photofilter standard lens mount.

Each set of lenses is equipped with UV filter, a real-time protection lens, and improved quality